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Artist Statement

We have always been threatened by technology. Since the first battle between human and machine in the Luddite Rebellion of 1811–1813 we have feared that the machine will take over, take our livelihood, our place.

Utilising the very technology that promises to replace us, the artist has asked the machine for images of its vision of the future.


A future where it has bonded with our earth and we have become dinosaurs.

Despite our fears we have become reliant on the machine, striving to evolve our creation, pushing to play God, to create a new intelligence.

In our fiction we have predicted a future warlike struggle with our creation, one where we have a fighting chance to win, from the matrix to terminator, we battle in a fight between human and machine and our nature prevails.

Our industrial revolution and reliance on the machine also led to our exponential pollution of the earth. Our progress has led to what is recognised globally as a climate emergency. As a race we are creating an environment in which we cannot survive.

Will our pollution coupled with this new intelligence become the catalyst for the next evolutionary step for Earth?

For the machine our self-destruction is irrelevant and part of natural evolution. Our pollution reaches every part of the planet on a now microscopic level, microplastics are everywhere, in the water, soil and the air we breathe.

Will the new intelligence we have created start to bond and evolve with our new environment? Replacing us in a nature where we are redundant, our contribution complete.

Is this process already underway?

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